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Lyin ass nigga

Lied and then told me that he lied bc I was being a bitch…bitch ass.

I hate it!!!

Trying to figure out wtf this song is called is annoying as fuck! Stupid carter 4 stupid computer makin it say track numbers instead of the damb name of the song

Oh lovely

With my robin and hailey :) this has already been an amazing week so far. Can’t wait til my mouse gets home and too see my baby joe


Morning all…no one…lame

I hate not being able to sleep as long as I want. It’s kinda annoying. All I want is a good 9 hourd of sleep. Then I’m pretty sure id be able to make it through a day without a nap or 5.
Finally got to have some well needed brown time today and yesterday. Gonna do it all again tomorrow :)


I have less than 7 months until I turn 21. Thats gonna be one hell of a weekend since my birthday is on a saturday. I plan on going out all night and getting wasted!!! Sorry baby joe. Can’t come to this event with the baby :( but soon enough you’ll be able to.

On the mind

I think alot. Sometimes too much. I worry about things that aren’t important. I don’t really let things get to my head like most people do. I’m a caring person. I don’t like conflict, and I’m an asshole. But thats fine. I seem to get away with it. I still think abbot work alot. I miss everyone terribly. I just want to go back and see everyone. I miss my covey. I wish her didn’t vanish. I just want things to go back to the way it used to be. When it was just the 12 of us. And denay was our supervisor. Those were really good times. Before everything got all fucked up. Stupid shirley came and ruined everything. The day she came everything went down hill. And I could tell she was out to get me. She had been for a while. I miss my table. They were the best. They always kept me laughing and happy. They didn’t really argue much unless out was about something silly. We had this sort of family bond that I loved. They could tell me there problems and is listen. I loved to listen to them. They loved and cared about me and I did them. They were my family and I miss them. Go team victory!! Forever our team!!

Me and my baby joe :)

Me and my baby joe :)

Oh sweet joe.

I do believe I care alot about this kid. He may be 18 and I’m 20 but ive always liked him. Since he was a freshman and I was a junior. He makes me smile every day. I miss him when I dont see him. I can’t day I love him yet because idk if I mean it. Funny thing is, I know he thomas the same thing. I can see it in his eyes that he wants to say out but he doesn’t think its the right time. But when out comes doreen to it, I know her cares about me. Just as much sad I do him :)

Random Thoughts of the night :)

So i walked to my parents house at around 12. I got there and tried to open the door. Its locked. Then i check to see if any of the car doors are open like kayla said they would be. Nope. Locked as well. So i walk back to cassies, nice and pissed since now i have to get up even earlier than i want just so i can get some pants. But it’s all good. Thats just less working out ill have to do in the future. I need to get some sleep since i gotta work in the morning. Being at the Equestrian games is kinda fun, even though all i really do is clean shit up. I half assed shit today. I didn’t feel like cleaning any toilets, so i didn’t. I didn’t feel like cleaning any nasty ass urinals, so i didn’t. The only thing that i really did today was clean the sinks and the mirrors. But omg i swear guys are some of the most disgusting creatures known to man. I went into the guys bathroom to clean the sinks and there was one sink that had not only hair in it, but they were nasty curly hairs that looked like pubes!!! I’m like more than 100% sure that they were fuckin pubes!! Shits grody!! What seriously makes you want to trim any kind of hair from your body at the motha fuckin equestrian games? Like seriously. Thats nasty as hell. And i was gonna clean the toilets in the mens bathroom today just to pass some time but as soon as i started on teh first one, i fuckin quit. There was like all sorts of shit particles and shit on the back of the toilet seat and all in the toilet. I tried to scrub it off but not all of it would come off. So after that i was like fuck this shit i’m done for the moment. All in all today was a pretty good day. 


Sometimes can be good, while others can be the worst thing you’ve ever dealt with in your life. I’ve had plenty experiences to learn from. Thank god all of them are now the past. But when it comes down to it, you should try to experience everything there is in the world. It’s like offering itself to you just to try it out. Even if it’s someone you would never expect to be with, it’s good to play around with. But not all the time.Sometimes you might have that one experience that bites you right in the ass and makes things more complicated than they need to be. I believe that everyone should get out and do their own thing and experience whats going on in the world, who’s going on in the world, what’s going on in the world. Most people believe that its not right to be with more than one person when you’re younger. Or most people would say wait until you’re married. I personally thin you should do what you want at any age and time. Its your life, don’t let anyone try to control the things you do and say. It’s not right. Everyone has to do things that they would’t normally do. Go out and party, have like 10 one night stands if you want to. Just do what you think you want to do. Have fun with your life. Enjoy every mistake, every good decision and everything that you want to do. Just fucking have some fun!! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because they think it’s wrong or disgusting or whoreish or whatever they think, Fuck em all!!!

My Baby Jake

I miss him more than I thought I would. I didn’t realize how much I really love and miss him until he left. His absence makes me hurt. My heart hurts for him and it longs for him to come back to me. I really wish there was a way to make time go faster so he would be here with me. But thats never gonna happen. Him being gone has made me love him more and more. I miss his face his eyes lips nose even chin :)
 He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Sitting around thinking about him makes me want to cry. I just want to lay down on the floor and cry like a big baby.  

I feel like being…

A big bitch right now. I feel like talking major shit about one person. He’s not my friend, he’s no longer an acquaintance. He is a little bitch. Said person will not be named…yet. You might be really really good looking but let me tell you now, that doesn’t make up for anything. You suck. Like I’ve been with some pretty bad people in my life, but you are the worst!!!!! Coming from me that is the worst thing you could ever be told in your life!! How is it that you think its cool to just stop talking to someone after a bad night like we had? Don’t you think you should try and fix it so things like this don’t happen? Don’t you know i can fuck your entire life up right now if i felt like it? You and your little druggie friend. I know wayyy too much about you already and i will be quick to snitch. But im not going to. Not yet anyways.

I just don’t understand the point of ignoring people. I won’t even ignore someone that tries to talk to me for good things. But no you have to be such a fuckin fag. What in your mind made you just stop? Thats all i want to know. Why? Like WTF!! All I wanted was to have a good friendship and hangout and all that good shit, but you had to just stop txting me. I still don’t get it. Your the one who couldn’t go longer than 3 minutes, and I’m more than 100% positive that you’re a preemie. So yea. I just wanted to have fun and be happy and have a new guy friend and all that shit, and you were a great one for it. I’m not gonna act like i didn’t have fun hanging out with you, but I will go ahead and say that you should get a tattoo that says fake it since that was all I could do! This isn’t gonna be a short rant either. I’m not even close to done yet. Even my bestfriends know how shitty you are! Also you have a very awkward shaped head. I noticed. Actually me and cassie noticed when you came over to her house. We were literally sitting behind you doing nothing but talking mad shit about you and your little problem downstairs. You know what I’m really mad about though? The fact that you just drop me like that after we had been talking for months bruh…FUCKING MONTHS!!!! Idk why you bothered to waste my time like that, like really. “Oh imma talk to this girl until I get back to the US and waste our time bc im such a douche that sucks in bed!” Thats how i think of it.

Talk to me
Its early and i need a friend