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Dec 30

New year’s!!!

Super freaking excited to go to bassnectar again

Sep 22


Have no idea why I even care that hes getting married. It shouldnt bother me so much.

Aug 07


My dad is gone and I’m lost. I hate not being able to talk to him or see him.

Jul 12


Finally I get my time off :) off for a week and I’m so excited. Going to Panama with Joe!! Were leaving Sunday night after he gets off work :) can’t freakin wait!!

Jun 30


I almost lost all hope in going but so far everything is going as planned all I need to do is get the room and money and we will be ready for the beach:) super excited to get out of ky for a few days

May 17

I know…

I’m being a big bitch but I need to vent. Won’t answer my calls but will txt me after I call more than 3 times. Reason being at a stop light so you txt me instead of making a simple phone call. Would’ve only taken not even a minute to answer me instead of ignore me and txt me some bull. He answers anyone else while he drives but today he decides to not answer me? I don’t see any logic in that at all.

May 16

Stupid shit

I can’t stand one specific person at work. She’s a fuckin loud ass bitch that claims she works but doesn’t do shit. I hate that shit, acting like she does everything but god knows she won’t lift a Damn finger

May 01


Chillin in my break and all I can think about is more work.

Apr 28


It’s been a long day and I’m glad it’s over. I hope my sister had a good birthday. Tomorrow is Cassies birthday I already know what I’m giving her. Time for more sleep.

Apr 26


Not sure why I’m so mad. I know Joe pissed me off but I have no reason to really be that mad I just can’t help it. I over react

Dec 21


Are bad….sometimes

Dec 17




Set up my tree and decorated it myself and it looks pretty freaking great. Thinking about putting ribbons around it idk yet. Hopefully I can get everything that I want to give people this year. Otherwise I’m gonba be sad

Dec 15


Call me spongebob stackin krabby patties. Bitch I go to work then do my cat daddy